Blind ears

Ιουνίου 6, 2010

Still familiar with the sounds of the night. Not with what someone would expect though.

The cars, the engines. I can tell by the sound whether they are going to turn or stop. Whether they’re approaching or leaving.

Whether  it’s the neighbor’s car or another.

I can tell how far the sound of my steps is heard, depending on the wind or the obstacles around.

I can tell the spots where I am visible when wearing dark clothes and where I am not.

From that balcony, from that yard, from that window… oh that one is closed tonight.

But the TV sheds shadows on the shutters, still on.

They might be awake inside.

And it is hot enough for the window to have been left open behind those shutters.

I’m still familiar with the sounds of the night.

Throw some rocks at the dogs.

Their barking will cover your footsteps.

Would rather walk barefoot till the next corner though.

Just in case.



Still afraid of the dark nevertheless.